MV Oktavia sailing the Similan Islands
Turtle at the Similan Islands
Snorkeling at the Similan Islands
Similan Islands divers on MV Oktavia
Similan Islands best dive boat


And so, the adventure begins…THE BEST DIVING IN THAILAND!

Here at Oktavia Dive Center, we operate the best Similan Islands liveaboard in the area and don’t just take our word for it – check out the reviews left by previous customers. It’s our job to ensure that everyone leaves our boat with a huge smile and luckily for us, the Similan Islands are right at our helm. If you want to submerge yourself into the best dive spots in the Similan Islands National Park, jump on board the MV Oktavia and let us take you on the best diving in Thailand.


We will take you on a liveaboard trip to the top dive sites not only in the area, but in the whole of Thailand. The MV Oktavia will take you on a cruise around the Similan Islands and you will visit dive sites at Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock, as well as many more. If you don’t want to dive, you can also come on board our Similan Islands liveaboard to snorkel and enjoy going on the beach trips, as we welcome everyone on board including those just learning to dive by taking an open water course at the Similans.


So, wriggle into your wetsuit, slip on your BCD and flap your fins, it’s time to go diving at the Similan Islands!

According to Jacques Cousteau, “the best way to see a fish is to become a fish” and whether you are a complete aqua-head or brand new to blowing bubbles – we want to invite you on board the MV Oktavia to enjoy the best diving in Thailand at the Similan Islands.


When you step off the plane, you will be greeted by the warmth of Khao Lak, and we don’t just mean the sunny weather. Friendly Thai smiles, an unusual craving for rice at breakfast time, slipping off your flip flops when you enter a building and pressing your hands together in a pray-like stands at everyone will soon become second nature. And while the jungles and the cities are fine, exploring what lies beneath the water’s surface is where the fun really begins…


Raise the Anchor!

Your trip on our Similan Islands liveaboard will get under way after we pick you up from your hotel and take you to Thaplamu Pier, where the beautiful MV Oktavia is docked and waiting. Our friendly staff will meet you and take you on board the liveaboard boat, where you will be given a soft drink and shown to your cabin, so you can get settled in. We like to sail off into the sunset – literally – with an estimated time of leaving at 18:00 at the latest, and looking back at Khao Lak through the purple/red sunset skies is the perfect way to start your diving trip.


It takes about four hours to reach the Similan Islands, where we will anchor up for the night, ready to get started the next morning with the first dive of the day.


The Cabins

The MV Oktavia takes you from Thaplamu, Khao Lak area, out to the Similan Islands in style and all of our cabins are well known to be very comfortable.


We offer two types of cabins to choose from:

Blue Ocean Standard Cabin

Master Cabin


The Standard Cabin comes with an open cupboard to store your belongings, air conditioning and a fan to keep you cool, plus a double bed or two single beds with pillows and a blanket. There are four toilets with fresh water showers that are shared between the Standard Cabins.


There are also two Master Cabins up for grabs for anyone who wants to have more space and a private bathroom. The Master Cabins come with an en-suite shower, toilet and sink plus an LCD TV, DVD player, a sitting area with two large seats, a double bed and a desk for anyone wanting to write postcards in between dives.


Whatever your budget and your needs, the MV Oktavia will welcome you on board in style, making it easy for you to enjoy the best diving at the Similan Islands.


Salt water: the breakfast of champions!

You will begin your day at the Similan Islands with an “early bird breakfast”, where you can help yourself to cereal, toast, fresh fruit or just a cup of coffee for those who need a boost of energy before diving. As you see your air time is ticking down and you feel that dreaded sense of “do I have to?” knowing that you have to surface soon, fear not bubbleheads! As a tasty breakfast awaits back on board.


After the second dive of the day on your Similan Islands liveaboard, it’s lunchtime and all this diving makes hungry guests, so we always ensure there is plenty of food for everyone. Following the third dive, you will surface to some yummy hot snacks, followed by the last dive of the day then a hot dinner. We cater to everyone from vegetarians and vegans to those following religious diets, so just let us know when you book and we will pass on your needs to our chef.


You can help yourself to soft drinks and electrolytes, and of course, no trip is complete without a fridge, or three, full of cold beers…


Similan Islands Diving

There’s so much to see in the Similan Islands from tiny seahorses to the karate-kicking mantis shrimp and whale sharks to manta rays. The best diving in the Similan Islands can be enjoyed in the primary dive spots that include:

The Similan Islands Archipelago

Richelieu Rock

Koh Bon

Koh Tachai


You can swim alongside manta rays at Koh Bon, search for black tip reef sharks at Koh Tachai, watch out for whale sharks in the Similan Islands or cruise around with a turtle or two in Donald Duck Bay. We offer a choice between a night dive and a sunset dive, so you can explore the reef as it gets ready for night time.


So, just who will you be sharing the MV Oktavia with?

You don’t need to worry about bumping into anyone other than Nemo and co. as we offer the best diving in Thailand thanks to the large size of our boat and the small size of our guest list. Your ship mates will include up to 19 other guests, as well as the crew. Captain Chow is in charge of the boat and is responsible for taking you around the Similan Islands safely and if you haven’t found your sea legs yet, don’t worry as you are in good hands with this experienced seaman.


Our dive instructors are all on-hand to give you a tour of the boat, provide safety briefings before each dive and if you have any questions, just crack open a cold beer and ask away! Taking care of the boat behind the scenes is our great team of engineers, plus the ever-helpful deckhands who will help you get into the water, back onto the dive deck and check your equipment.


And let’s not forget the on-board chef who cooks fresh meals every day and without whom, you wouldn’t have the energy to keep diving deep.


Courses – Instant Diver, Just Add Water…

We offer a wide range of SSI courses on our Similan Islands liveaboard to suit all divers in almost all languages, provided by our highly trained instructors. All of our course prices include equipment, teaching materials and certification. Here are some of our most popular courses:

Try Scuba (one dive)

Try Scuba (two dives)

Scuba Skills Update

Open Water Diver

Open Water Referral

Adventure Dives

Specialty Diver

Advanced Diver

Enriched Air Nitrox

Advanced Adventurer

React Right

Stress & Rescue

Dive Master Internship


Whether you want to get introduced to the water, get certified or improve your underwater skills, there’s no better place to get wet than the Similan Islands and no better boat to do it on…Check out our prices and see if there is space for you on MV Oktavia to go diving at the Similan Islands here.

There’s one thing that everyone diving in the Similan Islands needs to remember:


Take only pictures, kill only time, leave only bubbles!


The Boat

The MV Oktavia is one of the largest ships that explores the Similan Islands and when we say “ours is bigger than yours” we really mean it! She is built to hold up to 33 guests but we want you to feel comfortable, so we limit our capacity to just 20 people leaving you plenty of room to flap your fins.


We promise that Captain Chow will provide you with relaxed sailing between the dive sites on our Similan Islands liveaboard and at 30 meters in length and 6.5m wide, the MV Oktavia cuts smoothly through the sea. There is a sundeck for those who want to soak up a few rays on the top of the boat or to watch the stars twinkle in the night sky. At the front of the boat is a seating area with arguably the best view on the boat and just behind you will find the captains quarters, followed by the two Master Cabins.


Food will be served on the main deck and it is here that many people choose to relax with a cold drink or two in between dives and meals. Heading down a deck you will find the dive deck where all your equipment is stored and it is also here you will be jumping in and out of the water from your Similan Islands liveaboard. In front of the dive deck is the galley, where the food is cooked, followed by the Standard Cabins and accompanying bathrooms.


Snorkeling, Beach Trips and Swimming

You don’t have to be a well-oiled diver to be welcomed onboard MV Oktavia. We offer snorkeling for those who wish to explore the waters around the Similan Islands on the surface, along with fun beach trips in our dinghy and you are free to jump in and swim whenever the boat is safely anchored. Even if you don’t want to get in the water, you can come along and just enjoy the boat ride and you never know, you might find the best diving in Thailand just too much to resist!


Diving in the Similan Islands, snorkeling, swimming and exploring the beaches are all part of daily life on MV Oktavia. We love fish, we are fascinated by the beauty of coral, we crave the company of turtles and watching graceful manta rays or the gentle cruising of a huge whale shark will make our great day even better. We want you to spend as much time as possible exploring the sea and we ask all our guests help to preserve the dive sites by not touching the coral or the animals. Employ a no-impact dive ethic by taking care to leave nothing behind but footprints in the sand.