by Dom Wharram January 18, 2016

Similans Liveaboard Information for 2016-17 Season
We are now open to take booking for the next coming season of 2016-17…Our prices will remain the same as the current
season so not big hikes in fees to pay. If you’d like to guarantee your place, especially during holiday times,
get in touch now to make your booking by emailing

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Similans Diving 2015-2016

by Dom Wharram January 5, 2015

2015-2016 season for Similan Islands liveaboard availability on M/V Oktavia

Similans Prices Similan prices

2015-2016 season for Similan Islands liveaboard availability on M/V Oktavia


2+2 = Similan Islands 4-9
3+2 […]

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Dive into the Similans in November

by Dom Wharram July 29, 2014

One of the most commonly asked questions is when is the best time to go diving in the Similan Islands and while December to May draws divers in like fish to bait, November remains one of the best months to strap on your fins and explore the Similans. The month of November is the unsung hero of the diving world – think of it as being the Nikola Tesla or the Percy Julian of diving. It all too often gets […]


Similan Islands Staff Maintenance

by Dom Wharram July 22, 2014

Oktavia Dive Center Staff studying EnglishFans and past guests that have known us two years or more will/should already know of our annual boat maintenance that I bash on about all low season. You should also know most of our crew and especially Ed, who cooks all the lovely meals, Od and Lek, who […]

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Learning to Dive in Thailand Final Part 8

by Dom Wharram April 13, 2014

By the third training dive I had I was getting more and more excited about getting in the water to feel this sensation of what I can only imagine comes close to what an astronaut feel in space… We went in off the dive deck for this one and I got to put into practice again the Giant Stride Entry, I like this entry but not as much as acting like a Navy SEAL and rolling backward from the dingy!


What […]


Learning to Dive in Thailand Part 7

by Dom Wharram April 12, 2014

I didn’t want to leave it too long before getting into the open water and finish off my certification. We had a quiet trip coming up so just a couple of week after my skills we were on MV Oktavia and heading to The Similans.


The first morning I was up at 6am, was it excitement, nerves, I don’t know but I was up and raring to go. I had some toast to quell my grumbling tummy and was drinking plenty […]


Learning to Dive in Thailand Part 6

by Dom Wharram April 11, 2014

After the day before of my bubble maker we hit the books and watched the videos…It should have been a long day but I had already stared to read the Open Water Diver manual for the second time. I watched the videos which was in five parts all around 45 minutes long and then went back through the book and completed the knowledge reviews. Clive and I went through these and he helped me understand a few things which weren’t […]


Learning to Dive in Thailand Part 5

by Dom Wharram April 10, 2014

So yesterday finished off my reason why I have not been too keen to be on boats and I hope you all understand this. However, working for MV Oktavia my fear I am happy to say is just about all gone which is why I decided that I will have to give diving a go as it will undoubtedly give me more experience to see the trips we offer. The advice I have been giving has all be 100% accurate […]