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Say Hello To The Oktavia Dive Center Staff

image1Leading our team in the Similan Islands are the two Swedish owners, Jorgen Adolfsson and Kulan Bark. To ensure maximum level of service, at least one of them joins every cruise on board our Similan live-aboard, M/V OKTAVIA. This also ensures that the boat is run according to our principle of ‘protect and prevent instead of repair and repent’.







Both keen divers, Jorgen is a Padi instructor whereas Kulan is “only” an advanced open water diver, albeit with more than 2,000 dives.





image3This 2013/14 season in the Similan Islands we have a great instructor to teach you in all manner of Padi courses while you’re on board the boat and that is Branko. Branko is a 40-something guy with a real passion for diving and everything else in the water. He has dived in Cyprus and around Southeast Asia as well as Thailand but keeps quiet about his big screen roles. Ask him about what he’s been up to in the movie industry.






TomAssisting Branko is Tom from Germany, the latest addition to our team aboard MV Oktavia. Tom would like me to tell you he’s 40-something also! Whatever his age Tom brings a wealth of experience to us with more than 15 years of diving around the world including the Middle East and across Southeast Asia. He has lost count the number of dives he’s done and how may people he has trained but it’s safe to say that when you’ve been in the business 15 years.




image4Jamie is this guy with his thumbs up and while most of you will probably only see him for 5-10 minutes at the pier before you head to the Similan islands he will have had a big hand in getting you to enjoy your cruise on board M/V Oktavia.  This will be Jamie’s third season as Sales & Marketing Manager based at our office in Bangniang, he handles all inquiries from walk-ins, emails requests, telephone and the fax (yes Thailand still relies heavily on fax machines). He’s in charge of everything until you join the boat so if a taxi is two minutes late, make sure to bend his ear about it!!!






This is Ae, one of Divemasters and boat hands on board MV Oktavia. He is an experienced dive guide in the Similan Islands and this will be his second season with Oktavia.

He may come across as a little shy at first, as you may notice as this is the best picture I can find of him, but he’s a really friendly person who just loves to be in and around the water.

As dive professionals move on we will be recruiting a new bunch of guys and gals who will be our freelancers for the coming 2013-14 Similans liveboard season. We’re hoping to have a vast range of nationalities to call on and in particular we are looking for German speaking full time member of staff, so watch this space.


On board the M/V Oktavia, commanding the crew is our Captain Chow. He is 40something (you’ll have to ask him yourself) and has been sailing these waters for many years already, so he knows the area like the back of his hand. On the dive deck, Lek, Od and Thum help divers and snorkelers getting geared up, entering and exiting the water. Last – but certainly not least – Ed and her assistant work their magic in the galley, making sure that our track record stays intact: nobody has lost any weight on our cruises so far and they will tailor make meals to specific requirements if you have any allergies or even a vegetarian…


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