Local Khao Lak Dive Site

The last stop of our Similan Islands Diving Liveaboard cruise before returning to the pier is the Boonsung Wreck.
Located just off the coast of Bang Sak the Boonsung wreck is a favorite of the local Khao Lak Diving sites.  An old tin dredger which sank in 1985 and rests at 20 meters. Resembling nothing more than a large, upturned bath tub, the wreck became a haven for thousands of fish seeking refuge from the featureless sandy bed.

In 2004, a tsunami hit the coast of Phang Nga Province with devastating results, and in turn broke the main structure of the wreck into four separate pieces. This has made the site much more interesting for Khao Lak Diving perspective and has encouraged even more marine life to set up home here.

A literal ‘fish soup’ reveals as you descend to the wreck with schools of fusiliers, snappers, trevally and batfish all in their numbers.

In and around the wreck there is so much to find. Scorpionfish practically hold the structures together and many lionfish can be found all over the site. One area is particularly good for adding to your nudibranch tick-list and the honeycomb moray (rarely seen in the Similans) is also a firm favourite. In the sand you will see countless gobies keeping guard whilst their partnered shrimps work tirelessly to maintain their shared nest.

Keep an eye looking up and around, as on occasions it has been know for a whale shark to casually cruise by!

The structures themselves are very unstable and so penetrating the wreck is a definitely not allowed. Visibility is often restricted to 5-15 meters, but going slowly and taking your time will produce a very rewarding dive.