Similan National Marine Park

Koh Tachai Pinnacle is located around 500 meters from southern tip of the island. The top of this dome shaped pinnacle starts at a depth of 12 meters with many large boulders surrounding it. Some of the boulders to the west have formed swim throughs and to the east many smaller rocks covered in sea whips and hard corals. To the north you will find scattered soft corals and sea fans, and around 50 meters further there is a second, smaller pinnacle at 24 meter depth.

Barracuda, trevally, snappers and batfish are often seen in their numbers around the pinnacle and Manta ray and Whale sharks are known to visit the area – so always keep an eye out!

Due to the exposed location of Koh Tachai Pinnacle the current during full and new moons can be quite strong.  If this is the case our expert guides will instruct you on how to use the mooring line to help you descend correctly and enjoy this wonderful dive site.  Keeping close to the rocks and following your guides example will keep you out of the worst of the current and ensure you use the least amount of energy and air.

Whether there is current or slack tides, this dive site can be a magical place to find large and small marine life and is often listed as a favourite among the dive professionals.