Surin National Marine Park

Thailand’s world famous Richelieu Rock Diving site is an isolated pinnacle situated between the Surin Islands and the Thai mainland. Forming part of the Surin National Park, this horseshoe shaped rock only reveals itself at low tide when just one meter of its highest point is exposed.

Covered in purple soft coral the north side of the pinnacle falls steeply to a depth of 35 meters.  The inner bay has a more gradual and gentle incline to the depths. Smaller rocks and caves surround the site making for pleasing channels to swim through.

There is so much diversity living at this site it would be impossible to list them all!  You’ll find it ranges from the Seahorse, Pipefish and Frogfish, through to schools of cascading snappers, on to, groupers, barracuda and tuna, right up to Giant Manta Ray and Whale Sharks – an amazing site where you’ll need at least two dives to fully appreciate all its wonders and secrets.

When the conditions are right, and the surface current not too strong, Richelieu Rock is a stunning snorkel location. The top of the rock is covered in bright green turtle moss making for a beautiful underwater garden. Scorpionfish, cube box fish, and white eyed moray can be found in and round the cracks. while large crocodile needlefish and batfish circle the edges. Moving away from the main pinnacle and into the center of the horseshoe you are likely to end up being surrounded by large schools of barracuda.

If you are lucky enough to have a whale shark visit then you will have the best seat in the house! Typically swimming at only a few meters below the surface, these gentle giants can appear from nowhere and swim right between our groups, treating those on the surface to an amazing close up encounter.


 Richelieu Rock Diving and Snorkeling!