The Similan Islands

Spanning across the east side of Similan Islands Five & Six, Anita’s Reef acts as a great first ‘check dive’ to our liveaboard cruise and also for our snorkelers. Starting from Island Six and running south down to Island 5, the reef gently slopes from 5 meters down to around 28 meters. Perfect for all levels of diver to get accustomed with their equipment and dive buddies, the large pore and staghorn coral in the shallows of the reef presents a delightful view between the white sand.

The highlight of this dive rests on the southeast of Island five between 12 and 20 meters. ‘Hin Muan Deaw’ (translated to ‘whole roll rock’) gets its name from being so popular with photographers – it is said that many have used a ‘whole roll’ of film just on this rock! Large sea fans and many different soft and hard corals boarder the rock, and with usually great visibility and mild current it a perfect place to study the many fish that find sanctuary there.

As you approach the south side of Island Five the reef expands to a series of huge granite boulders. A swim-through channel allows divers their first real view of the foundations from which Similan Islands are built.