Similan Islands

One of the most famous of the Similan Islands dive sites and a firm favourite with many of the dive professionals, Elephant Head Rock juts out of the water right between islands Seven and Eight. Named due to its vague resemblance to an elephants head this site is very popular and is considered a ‘must’ for anyone diving around the Islands.

The three large boulders descend underwater with many more piled up to form a number of swim-throughs, channels, and sheer walls. If you listen you can actually hear the boulders rubbing together as the currents move between them.
Surrounded by sand this site stands alone and many schools of fish can be found mid-water along with giant trevally, fusiliers, and barracuda.

Popular with photographers, the cave walls and steep cliffs host soft corals, seamoths, nudibranch and octopus, whilst whitetip reef sharks can be often be found a little deeper hanging out among the surrounding boulders. Keep one eye looking out into the blue as manta ray and whalesharks have been known to cruise by on occasions.