The Similan Islands

Honeymoon Bay leads off from Haad Lek (small beach) on Island Four. This reef is great for snorkelers and we often use it for the first swim of our 5 day cruise. Typically we’ll hitch a ride on our dedicated taxi (the dinghy) from Anita’s Reef and drop into the water just off the beach. As you swim south from the beach the sandy bottom develops into swathes of staghorn coral.

Pore corals fill-in the open patches along with larger rock formations. Visibility is usually very good here, so you have the opportunity of swimming as swallow or as deep as you like. The gentle sloping reef ensures everyone can stay within their comfort limits as they familiarize themselves with the water and their equipment.

A great place to find many of the smaller reef fish varieties, including everyone’s favourite ‘Nemo’ the Clownfish and his cousins. Moray, octopus, crocodile needle fish and the beautiful angelfish are all common here, and there is even a chance of a turtle every now and then.