The Similan Islands

Not surprisingly North Point gets its name from being the most northerly of the Similan Islands dive sites. Made up from numerous boulders, swim-throughs and a long extended channel that runs from east to west make this a popular dive site. Leopard sharks have made a welcome return to the area and with a bit of luck you can find them resting on the sand close to the boulders. Mid-water, giant and blue fin trevally, surgeon and unicorn fish school.

Nearing the Island itself opens up to the bordering reef that consists of staghorn and hard corals – this is classic turtle territory and you’ll be hard pressed not to find at least one with its head buried between the corals and rocks finding a spot of lunch.

Our snorkelers can explore the bay that overlooks the dive site. Consisting of swathes of staghorn coral and large granite boulders it is probably you best bet for finding turtles. Free swimming morays, dozens of different reef fish and banded sea snakes can be found taking refuge in this bay. On rare occasions, large dogtooth tuna and even eagle ray have been seen in the shallows, whilst heading out a little deeper it is quite common to end up surrounded by circling barracuda.