The Similan Islands

This beautiful bay and beach (Haad Yai) on the North face of Similan Island number four is our favourite site to moor up for the evening after our first day of diving and snorkeling. An afternoon beach trip gives everyone a break from diving and their first taste of the super soft white sands that the islands are so famous for. A nature trail through the island to Honeymoon Bay offers sightings of flying fox bats, Poo Kai (the chicken crab), and, the now rather rare, Nicobar Pigeon.

Protected from any westerly winds, the bay makes an ideal place for sunset and night dives. Excellent for our snorkelers as we’ll be moored up and able to swim directly from off the back of MV Oktavia – a sunset snorkel is a perfect way to end a day!

Kuhl’s stingray, milkfish, lone barracuda, and varying types of moray are common sights here. Night divers will also find lobsters and crabs on the move as they prepare for their night activities. The sandy bottom is scattered with bommies and interesting rock formations that are perfect for close inspection and photography.