The Similan Islands

A favourite afternoon dive on our Similan Cruise, Threes Trees gets its name from the ‘three trees’ that seem to stand out from all the others on the rocky east coastline of Similan Island nine and the site moves south in to what is know as Breakfast Bend.

The reef starts at 5m and a gentle slope take you down to the mix of healthy hard corals at around 20 meters. There’s lots of marine life to find here such as Moray, Octopus, Mantis shrimp and Lobster. Hawksbill Turtles are common and often found seen hunting for snacks among the staghorn coral.

Leaving the reef and heading to the boulders on the outer fringe you’ll find Khul’s stingrays and Jaw fish in the sand. Leopard sharks can sometimes been seen near the rocks starting at 22m.

Beautiful fan corals and thousands of glass fish live at the deeper boulders and it has been known to spot the occasional guitar shark down in the depths!