The Similan Islands

West of Eden is a perfect example of the topography of dive sites located on the west coasts of the Similan Islands.

Giant granite boulders are firmly planted above and below the water line making for a striking seascape. Channels add to the interest, with walls of soft corals, Alcyonacea, and giant sea fans. Spending your time and going slowly around this relatively small area is well worth it.

Heading further north or south will open up to sandy slopes and rubble, which are great for finding ribbon eels, red fire gobies, morays, and the super-powered mantis shrimp.
For our snorkelers, blue fin trevally, parrot fish, fusiliers can be found in their numbers. Banded sea snakes are common sightings along with a couple of hawksbill turtles that like to search between the rocks and corals for their primary diet of sponges.