After having the most amazing dive of my life on the last trip, I thought I would turn my attention to snorkeling. I was the snorkel guide for this trip as we had more snorkellers than divers. They ranged in age from six years old to retirees, so we were going to need something special to keep everyone happy… Luckily we got it!




On day four we managed to fit in one dive at Richelieu Rock as there was too much of a current and too many waves for snorkeling. So, three hours later we arrived at Koh Tachai Pinnacle, where the water was flat, clear and still and luckily for us – we were the only boat there. The water was clear enough that we were able to see the top of the pinnacle from the surface.




So it was perfect conditions for us when the first manta ray arrived! We stopped, barely moving, watching the manta beneath us circling and gliding over the pinnacle and just 10 minutes later the divers from our boat got their first sighting. The nine divers congregated below us, also staying nice and still, in order not to scare her away. Within the next hour, she must have gotten within a meter of every diver down there! The best thing was that everyone saw her from the snorkelers to the divers and even the six year old.




Most of the divers enjoyed a 70-minute dive and some of the snorkelers were in the water for nearly an hour and a half. Last week was my best ever dive and this week was my best snorkel ever. It’s been a fantastic month, and it’s not even Christmas! Don’t bring in the new year yet as I’m enjoying this one too much…




Thanks again to our photo contributor and I admit I don’t which one of you lucky guys or gals it was!!!