A great new video, this time from one of our Dive Instructors – Joseba.  Meet the Team, the boat, and see the amazing marine life we enjoy at Richelieu Rock Diving or Snorkelling during our Similan Islands Liveaboard Cruises!

This short film gives you a great impression of what life is like on-board one of our fantastic Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving Safaris. Filmed in April, to the end of the 2016/17 season, our cameraman Joseba has done a great job of showing you what you can expect to see above and below the water during one of our trips. Stunning scenery, abundant marine life, and an amazing crew sets us apart from the rest and ensures MV Oktavia is still going strong after 10 years of magical Thailand Diving in the Andaman Sea!

Richelieu Rock

A two and a half hour cruise north of Koh Bon, about 18 kms east of the Surin Islands, you will reach the world famous underwater rock formation, Richelieu Rock. The rock consists of one main, horse shoe shaped splintered rock pinnacle, with several other smaller rocks around its edges. The site is totally submerged, except at low tide when the tip breaks the surface.
Richelieu Rock impressed even Jacques-Yves Cousteau with its stunning coral growth and spectacular marine life. Tiny critters such as harlequin shrimp and seahorses along with big schools of snapper and barracuda through to the largest fish in the ocean – the whale shark – has placed it as the best dive site in Thailand.

As the entire surrounding area is just sandy bottomed, most of the marine life congregates against the rock and hence the variety and amount of marine life creatures is mind-blowing.
Richelieu Rock is part of the Mu Ko Surin National Park, which also covers the island and surrounding waters of the Surin Islands – a group of five islands, just a few kilometers south of the oceanic border with Myanmar. The islands are also home to two communities of the ethnic Moken minority, which belongs to the groups known as “Sea Gypsies”.
Both national parks (Similan and Surin) charge an entry and usage fee for guests entering the park(s). The generated income is used to further protect and preserve the natural resources of the parks.
You will find the current fees and availability on our Website: https://www.oktaviadivecenter.com/prices-and-availability/