Cleaning & Preparing the Hull

With MV Oktavia now having been moved over to her maintenance area, the yard crew chock her up on her hard stand and remove the transport gurney.

They waste no time in getting to work, with the first key job of cleaning up the hull and freeing it of any barnacles and other growth that has accumulated over the season.

The propellers, propeller shafts, and rudders are given an initial clean and then removed.  They will receive a full inspection and deep clean later on.  Before being refitted they must also be balanced and trimmed to ensure there’s no vibration that could disturb Oktavia’s smooth running once she’s finally back in the water.

Around the rest of the boat the yard crew are busy cleaning the and stripping out the old caulk from between the hull planks. Caulk is a wadding that is forced into the seams between the planks and covered with waterproofing.  This keeps a water-tight seal whilst allowing the wooden hull to maintaining its natural flexibility.