New Top Coat Applied

As with most jobs good preparation is the key to success.  The yard crew have spent the past few weeks making good and preparing the hull for the final stages of this years dry dock maintenance.  

The caulking has been replaced with new, and the plank seems filled with apoxy, and a small section at the top of the bow cut out and re-fitted.

With a good few coats of quality primer applied, the yard crew can now set work on making Oktavia look new again with the top coats of paint.

You can see the clear distinction between the two types of paint required.  Anti-fouling paint for below the water line and the highly durable blue cosmetic for above.  Both types of paint have to be high grade if we want Oktavia to remain looking good through the working season

A great picture here of the business end of Oktavia and how carefully the yard crew have prepared and painted the stern.  

They have almost completed the painting now and you can see Oktavia looking great in her famous Blue, Yellow, and White colour scheme that makes her so well known in the Similan & Surin National Marine Parks.

The weather has been improving all week and her new coats is looking good in the sunshine.

But there are still a few more jobs to complete before we can get her back in the water.  Next, re-installing the propellers and drive shafts..!