Annual Maintenance Program

At 30 metres long, 6.5 metres wide, and weighing in at around 150 Tons MV Oktavia is not exactly a small boat, in fact, she’s one of the largest Similan Islands Diving Liveaboard vessels operating out of Khao Lak.

From the month of October through to May each year she runs back-to-back cruises through Similan and Surin National Marine Parks offering our guests the best diving experiences in Thailand.

This obviously means we have to ensure she is in top condition at the beginning of each season in order keep up with the schedule and to uphold safety and comfort levels for all our guests who join us on-board.

This is why at the end of each season MV Oktavia is placed in dry dock for her annual inspection and maintenance program –


But how exactly do you raise a 150 ton vessel out of the water?

Follow us here as we give you regular updates and insights into this process and the skill, care, and attention put in each year to make sure Oktavia runs as well today as she has for the past ten years.

Chapter One – Dry Dock

Moving MV Oktavia into Dry Dock

Lifting a 150 Ton Liveaboard Vessel The whole process starts the day before the main lift with Captain Chao taking Oktavia from Tab Lamu Pier for the journey south to the boat yard in Phuket.  Leaving early in the morning he arrived with plenty of time to...

Maintenance Begins

Cleaning & Preparing the Hull With MV Oktavia now having been moved over to her maintenance area, the yard crew chock her up on her hard stand and remove the transport gurney. They waste no time in getting to work, with the first key job of cleaning up...

MV Oktavia – Hull Maintenance

Out with the Old, In with the New It's been a week since MV Oktavia was lifted from the water and placed in her hard stand position.  Since then the yard crew have meticulously worked their way round the entire hull and identified all the areas that need...

MV Oktavia – Time to Prime

Priming the HullNow that all the caulking and filling has been completed, a final sanding takes place and the initial layer of primer can be applied.  Painting only to the water line the boat crew must ensure a full coverage so that the final top coat...

MV Oktavia – A Fresh New Coat

New Top Coat AppliedAs with most jobs good preparation is the key to success.  The yard crew have spent the past few weeks making good and preparing the hull for the final stages of this years dry dock maintenance.  The caulking has been replaced with new,...

MV Oktavia – Hull Maintenance Complete

Re-Floating MV Oktavia The big day is finally here and it is now time for MV Oktavia to be loaded back in to the gurney and make her way down the slip way and back into the water! A fantastic job by all the yard crew to get her looking resplendent once...