Re-Floating MV Oktavia

The big day is finally here and it is now time for MV Oktavia to be loaded back in to the gurney and make her way down the slip way and back into the water!

A fantastic job by all the yard crew to get her looking resplendent once more and the sun even come out to help her show off her bright new paint job.  This video is sped up, but the whole process in real-time only took around 10 minutes to complete!

This marks an end to this years Dry Dock Maintenance program, but the hard work doesn’t stop here.  Captain Chao will now take Oktavia back to Tab Lamu Pier where she will stay for the remainder of the off season.  Numerous projects are planned for this time, so be sure to keep following her progress and we slowly, but surely, work through the list to get her in top condition for the coming 2019-2020 Similan islands Diving season!