Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s been a week since MV Oktavia was lifted from the water and placed in her hard stand position.  Since then the yard crew have meticulously worked their way round the entire hull and identified all the areas that need the usual maintenance and any additional parts that need attention or made new.

As you can see from the photos, the hull has been sanded back and the caulked areas exposed.  The waterproofing that covers the caulking is routed out and the old caulking pulled from the plank seams. 

At this stage Oktavia does look a little unsightly, but due to the fact that she goes through this procedure every year there was very little to no areas that needed particular attention or replacement.

Once all the plank seams had been cleared of the caulking and exposed areas cleaned, the Team then make busy packing the new caulk in nice and tight.  

It’s now a case of ensuring every area is double checked before protecting each seam with the protective waterproof filler.

An initial light sanding allows the filler to rest and set-up before the next stages can commence.