Priming the Hull

Now that all the caulking and filling has been completed, a final sanding takes place and the initial layer of primer can be applied.  Painting only to the water line the boat crew must ensure a full coverage so that the final top coat adheres well and remains looking fresh for the whole season.


You can see the small section of plank that has been replaced and made good on the starboard side of the bow.

Below the water line the hull will receive separate coats of paint.  This paint is specially design to help prevent fouling and build up on the hull, which in turn keeps it in top condition and maintains performance through the water over the course of the season

Whilst the team are busy priming the hull there is still time for a few small jobs to be looked at on the main desk.  Here’s you can see a new lip being fitted to the entrance way between the main communal area and the side walk ways. 

If we suffer a continued down pour then this area can be a little troublesome, as the amount of rain build up can be too much for the exit channel to deal with.  This can result in rain water running into the communal area which can make thing a little slippery.

By heightening the lip and widening the exit channel we expect to resolve this small annoyance.