About Oktavia Dive Center – Khao Lak

Oktavia Dive Center is located an hour and a half north of Phuket International Airport in the relaxed and easygoing town of Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province. Originally a small village just south of the mountain road the area now collectively known as Khao Lak stretches from just south of the mountain road in the original Khao Lak to as far up as Baan Muang and Ban Nam Khem to the north. The distance covers around 40kms along the coastline and encompasses a number of villages that are home to many guesthouses, hotels and lavish resorts.

Where to Find Us

Oktavia Dive Center is conveniently located in the Ban La On/ Nang Thong area, which is commonly referred to as the center of Khao Lak and the first main village people discover when travelling to Khao Lak from the south. It is the heart of the area for shops, restaurants, bars, and accommodation and is a bustling little place from mid-afternoon and through the evening.

Our office is an affiliated SSI Dive Center and it is here we handle all your Similan Island Liveaboard enquiries. From first contact to the moment your board our wonderful boat MV Oktavia we promise to provide you with a warm, friendly service and pride ourselves on prompt, personal communication during the whole booking process.

Nang Thong Beach in La Own
Sunset Beach Khao Lak
Sunset Lighthouse Nang Thong Beach

Our Boat – MV Oktavia

MV Oktavia is one of the largest ships that explores the Similan Islands.  So when we say “ours is bigger than yours” we really mean it!  She is built to hold up to 33 guests but we usually limit our capacity to around 20 people.  This leaves you plenty of room to relax and enjoy your time between dives.

At 30 meters in length and 6.5m wide, MV Oktavia cuts smoothly through the sea making her a very stable.  Our amazing Captain Chow will provide you with relaxed sailing between the dive sites on our Similan Islands liveaboard. There is a sundeck for those who want to soak up a few rays on the top deck of the boat.  Or use it to watch the stars twinkle in the night sky after sunset.  At the front of the boat is a seating area with arguably the best views on the boat.  This is a favourite place for all to enjoy and chat about your days diving and the sun goes down.

The main deck is where many people choose to relax with a good book or hang out between dives. It’s also our main area for all the dive briefing presentations and where we serve our delicious buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner – not forgetting the countless snacks our wonderful cooks prepare in between!

Heading down a deck you will find the dive deck where all your equipment is stored.  It is also here you will be jumping in and out of the water from during your Similan Islands liveaboard. In front of the dive deck is the galley, where the food is cooked, followed by our Blue Ocean Cabins and accompanying bathrooms.

Main Deck MV Oktavia
MV OKtavia Upper Deck
Upper Deck MV Oktavia
MV OKtavia Meal Times
Sun Deck MV Oktavia
MV Oktavia Breakfast Bar

The Cabins

MV Oktavia is designed to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the duration of your liveaboard cruise.  We have a choice of cabin styles to suit your needs and wishes, so whether your are holidaying alone or a family of five, we have an option so you can discover the Similan Islands in comfort and style.

We offer two types of cabins to choose from:

  • Blue Ocean Standard Cabin
  • Master Cabin

Our Blue Ocean Standard Cabins are fitted with an open cupboard to store your belongings, air conditioning and a fan to keep you cool, plus a choice of either a double bed or two single bunks with pillows and a blanket. There are four toilets with fresh water hot showers that are shared between the Standard Cabins.

We also have two Master Cabins for anyone who wants to have more space and a private bathroom. The Master Cabins are fitted with an en-suite shower, toilet and sink plus an LCD TV, DVD player, a sitting area with two large seats, a double bed and a writing desk for updating your log books or simply to write postcards in between dives.

Whatever your budget and your needs, the MV Oktavia will welcome you on board in style, making it easy for you to enjoy the best diving at the Similan Islands.

Twin Bed Cabin MV Oktavia
Master Cabin MV Oktavia
Double Bed Cabin MV Oktavia

Safety On Board MV Oktavia

When you’re diving in the Similan Islands with Oktavia Dive Center you’ll want to know that you are diving safely!  Safety is at the top of our main objectives and so we look after our guests with the utmost care.  Worst case scenarios do not bear thinking about and this leaves many people with unanswered questions; except with us. No expense has been spared onboard for emergency equipment. But of course we hope the only time it sees the light of day is when it is being maintained.

Some of our safety features include:
  • Sliding cabin doors for quick and easy evacuation.
  • Break glass hammers in every room in case other exits are blocked.
  • Emergency life rafts for more people than we take on board.
  • Life jackets of all sizes from kiddies through to large adults.
  • First aid kits located at different areas of the boat.
  • Smoke alarms throughout the boat as well fire extinguishers.
  • A water alarm on the lower deck.
  • The dive deck is monitored 24 hours per day with CCTV in the captain’s bridge.
  • Anti-slip mats in the bathrooms and deck areas.
  • Emergency oxygen tanks.
  • GPS and sonar equipment (although your captain has more than a decade of experience in the Andaman Sea).
    We are a member of the SSS Recompression Chamber Network.
  • Before leaving on the first day (or for newly arriving passengers) guests are taken on a tour of the boat showing the safety features and explaining the do’s and don’ts of life on board.

We maintain all equipment to highest possible standards. Life rafts are serviced yearly in October as are all the dive tanks and other rental equipment. Every year, the MV Oktavia is dry docked and inspected in a Phuket shipyard where any possible problems are fixed and the boat also goes through a strict maintenance schedule.