Photo-Bombing Marine Life


Some of you may have read the article yesterday (24 July) in the Daily Mail about animals performing the art of photo-bombing. The word is relatively new but the art has been around a long time where, normally, humans jump into photos right at the point where a serious photo is being taken.


The photo in the news was of a grinning seal pup photo-bombing a diver off the coast of Northumberland in the UK. The diver, Alex Mustard, said as soon as he went in the waters off the Farne Islands he was accosted by many of the little pups all eager to see what he was up to!


One of our instructors, Branko, read the story and sent me a picture of him from a few years back when an octopus decided he wanted to get in the frame. As you can see from picture the octopus wanted all of the limelight.


Over the next few days I will have a look through some of Oktavia pictures from us and our guests and see if I can find some of photo-bombing marine life. In the meantime if you have any please send them into me so I can add them to a new gallery of pictures on our website.


Written by Jamie Walsh