Victor’s Blogg

Trip Leader for MV Oktavia


MV Oktavia Trip #2

7th November to 11th November 2019


More lovely groups of divers joined us for our second Similan Islands Diving Liveaboard trip of the season, this time from France, Canada, Russia and Japan.

A wonderful check dive in the pristine reef waters of Similan Island Number 9 allowed our divers to check their equipment and also to have their first glimpse of all the marine life we can find around the islands, including some Black Tip Reef Sharks already!  A great treat for their first dive of the cruise!

For the rest of the day we kept exploring the best sites of the Similan islands, having so many encounters with big fishes such Napoleon Wrasse and a family of a dozen white tip reef sharks!  Resting on-board that evening and getting ready for a night dive to go looking for the night action, where the cuttlefish were the main attraction.


Second day we said goodbye to the Similans Islands by diving around Number 8 and visiting the famous Donald Duck Bay before we heading to Koh Bon, where the divers could see how different but still very beautiful this Island is.

Third day we started in one of the top dive sites here, Koh Tachai Pinnacle, the current was mild and we had our the first big surprise of the trip, not one but TWO Oceanic Manta Rays!!! Such a perfect way to start the day!  Talking, checking pictures and dreaming about our last encounter, we navigate to the world famous Richelieu Rock, where we did three dives in total, looking at tons of fish and specials finds like a Tigertail Seahorse.

On our final day we head back the way we came to re-visit Koh Tachai and Koh Bon for the best chance of having more encounters with our larger pelagic friends of the ocean.   As a result of having more dives here we were in luck as we saw a huuuge Manta Ray in Koh Tachai (up to 5 meters!) only for us as no other dive boats were in the area at the time!!  Lucky divers again!

Our last two dives we were in Koh Bon, surrounded by lot of Fusiliers and yellow Snappers, beautiful way to say this week’s Goodbye to the Similan National Park!