FAQ – Similan Islands Liveaboards

There are a few important items you should ensure to remember when preparing for your Similan Islands Liveaboard, and some other things that help make the experience extra enjoyable.

It’s not always obvious what you should bring on a liveaboard cruise, so here a list of things you should consider and help you prepare.

What you should bring on a liveaboard cruise?

    • Certification cards & log book (no card, no diving)
    • Dive Insurance*
    • Diving/snorkeling equipment (if not renting from us)
    • Coral Safe Suntan lotion
    • Toiletries
    • Electrical adaptor (220 volts – 2-pin plug sockets)
  • Camera, charger, memory cards
  • Snacks (we don’t sell chocolate or crisps on board)
  • Decongestion medication (Doctor’s certificate required for entering Thailand)
  • Prescribed medication (Doctor’s certificate required for entering Thailand)
  • Money (for purchases on board like beer, log books, tips)
  • A Smile and a sense of Adventure!

Play Your Role in Protecting our Coral Reefs

Use Coral Safe Sunscreen


Recently discovered research has identified that the chemicals used in many brands of sunscreen have having a huge impact on the health of our coral reefs around the world.

The active chemicals used in these sunscreens lead to coral bleaching, and in turn, the death of many popular reefs.

Did You Know?

One single drop of Oxybenzone is enough to toxify the equivalent of 6 olympic sized swimming pools and cause coral bleaching!

Will I need Dive Insurance?*

Insurance is an important part of any holiday for everyone, no more so than when diving. It is a requirement of the Similan National Marine Park that all guests are fully insured for scuba diving when entering the Park.  At Oktavia Dive Center we want the best for guests on board with us and this includes adequate insurance should the unthinkable happen.

Many people assume their normal travel insurance will cover them whilst diving but this is not always the case. Immediate medical care from doctors, evacuation and overnight stays are usually covered via normal travel insurance but what would happen if you needed hyperbaric treatment? The standard first treatment lasts for five hours and costs up to US$785 per hour in Thailand: do you have a spare US$3,925 in the bank ready to be used?

For extra peace of mind we offer dive insurance at very cheap rates – just THB 250/Day. It is unlikely that you will ever need this service as we pride ourselves on being the best and the safest liveaboard in the Similan Islands, but incidents can happen in any sport or activity.

The insurance we offer here is for dive related incidents only so please make sure you have adequate travel insurance also for all other cover!

Are they any special requirements if I’m taking a diving course?

For any guests taking a course on MV Oktavia please check the Student Record Medical Statement PDF [Click Here].

If you answer YES to any of the questions you will need to gain a doctor’s certificate stating ‘Fit For Diving’ or you may well not be able to partake in the course.

How much luggage can I bring?

If you have chosen one of our shorter two or three day trips you should pack as lightly as possible. The speedboat transfer boats don’t have a lot of space for storage while heading out and back from the Similan Islands. You can leave your extra luggage with me at our office and I will bring it to you on your return to mainland.

Is a Liveaboard dive/snorkel cruise suitable for children?

MV Oktavia welcomes everyone on board: singles, couples, groups, and families with children. Mum and dad may already be certified divers and feel your children are now old enough to embark on a great adventure into the blue.

Our large Master Cabins are ideal for families with one to two younger members. Featuring en-suite shower facilities, 25 square meters of space, and extra floor mattresses if needed, these are more like hotel rooms rather than boat cabins!

Snorkeling is a great way for kids to get started in the water. Under the close supervisor of our expert guide and support crew you can rest assured they will be well looked after.

SSI Junior Open Water courses are available for children 10 years and above where they will learn exactly the same as adults.

N.B.  All children under the age of seven years are restricted to our four and five-day cruises only, due to a minimum age policy employed by the transfer boat operators.