SSI Specialty and SSI Advanced Open Water Diver


Discounts available for Multiple Specialties


If you have decided that diving is a sport you want to really immerse yourself in, then it is time for you to discover SSI’s Continuing Education program and our Specialty Diver courses.

Becoming a Specialty Diver with SSI is a great way of expanding your diver training. Completing any two SSI Specialty courses whilst having completed a minimum of 12 dives will automatically certify you as a SSI Specialty Diver.

Going one step further, by completing four SSI Specialty courses and having a minimum of 25 dives in your log book, you will automatically receive recognition as a SSI Advanced Open Water Diver. There are many Specialty Courses to choose from such as: Enriched Air Nitrox, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, and Deep Diving.  Just get in touch and we’ll guide you on the path to continuing your diving education.

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Nitrox Enriched Air
Perfect Buoyancy
Deep Diving