Meeting a Giant Manta Ray for the first time is one of the reasons why so many divers choose MV Oktavia for their Similan Islands Liveaboard experience!  Joining us for a 5 Day/5 Night Liveaboard Cruise through the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, and Richelieu Rock, our guest Madison shared a magical and unforgettable moment with his dive buddies John and Linda whilst exploring Koh Bon Ridge.

Watch as the sun is almost blocked out by this majestic ‘fly-by’ from our gentle giant friend the Giant Manta Ray 😀

Thanks for the video Madison and congratulations on completing your 30th Dive during your time on-board MV Oktavia!!

Dom Sig Short



The Giant Manta Ray

Manta birostris, the giant oceanic manta ray is the largest type of ray in our seas and belongs to the Mobulidae family. They are frequent visitors to the Andaman Sea and can be seen during our MV Oktavia Liveaboard Cruises around the Similan Islands National Marine Park most seasons. Typically favouring sites such as Koh Bon, Koh Tachai Pinnacle, and Richelieu rock, they are a huge draw for our diving and well as snorkelling guests on-board MV Oktavia. Although they can appear anytime during the season, the months February, March, and April have historically been the best time to encounter these gentle giants.

How Big?

Giant Manta Rays are capable of growing to 7 m in width and with a weight of about 1,350 kg (more commonly 4.5 m).  These magnificent animals ‘fly’ gracefully through the water by way of the triangular pectoral fins attached to their flattened disc like bodies. A pair of cephalic fins are extended pectoral fins and can been seen curled up during swimming or flared out assisting water to be channelled into the mouth during feeding.
It’s no wonder that our Khao Lak Diving Liveaboard Cruise is rated as one of the best dive experiences in Thailand!   Meeting up with a Manta Ray during your trip on-board MV Oktavia truly does make for an unforgettable and exciting Scuba Diving memory!