Thailand’s Best Diving

New in this week is our latest video taken by another of our wonderful guests – Irene.  Capturing Thailand’s best diving during her latest Similan Islands Liveaboard with MV Oktavia.

In addition to capturing some of the amazing marine life you can expect to see during one of our Similan Islands Diving Liveaboard Cruises, Irene gives you a brief look at one of our famous Beach Trips that we fit in during the trip.

Similan Islands Beaches

As you can see, our Similan Islands Liveaboard  is not just about Thailand’s best diving.  This Beach Trip was taken at Princess bay on Similan Island No. 4 (Koh Miang).  As you can see from the film, our guests had the beach pretty much to themselves after they took the short dingy ride to the shore.  We only visit these beautiful Islands during the latter part of the afternoon when the majority of the Day Trip visitors have left and are starting to make their way back to the mainland.

If the stunning white sand beach wasn’t enough for you, there is also the chance to take the nature trail that runs through the island and ends at Honeymoon Bay.  Along the way you should look out for the large Flying Foxes (Fruit Bats) that hang upside down high up in the canopy of the trees – just before dusk you will see them flying through the tree tops.

The rare Nicobar Pigeon can also been seen on these islands which is said to be the closet living relative to the now extinct Dodo.  From a distance they look quite dull and dark in colour, but as you get closer you will see that their plumage is actually very attractive and shines an almost metallic green.

Thank you Irene for sharing your video!!! 🙂

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