Clown Fish and Anemones

As much as we all love, and are blessed to have, the encounters with our larger pelagic friends the Manta Ray and Whale Sharks during our Similan Islands Liveaboard cruises, the simple beauty of the more common sights can never be underestimated or underappreciated – No more so than that of one of the closest partnerships in the ocean. Contrary to what is shown in the film Finding Nemo, Clownfish rarely stray from their best friend the Sea Anemones.  Full of energy during the day, the Clown Fish dart around the top of the anemone catching snacks as they pass by in the currents.  At night it was always thought that they bed down deep within the anemones tentacles for sleep and protection from predators – but new research suggests this isn’t the case. Recent studies have shown that the Clown Fish are actually much more active during the night than previously thought.

Whilst it is true that they do indeed snuggle close to the base of the tentacles, they appeared wiggle quite a lot and make frequent turns through 180 degrees. Oxygen levels measured between the anemones tentacles during this period and compared with those when the two friends are separated, showed much higher levels.  The researchers have concluded that the movements of the Clown Fish is helping to aerate the surrounding water and in turn helping the anemones breath during their inactive periods. Clown Fish and their flowing armed friends are very common throughout the Similan National Marine Park.  Incredibly beautiful, fun to observe, and no doubt holding many more secrets about their mutual friendship, these two colourful characters of the reefs are always a delight for our Diving and Snorkeling Guests on-board MV Oktavia. Khao Lak Diving has never been so good.  With weekly departures throughout the open season Oktavia Dive Center offer a fantastic 5 Day, Full-Board, Diving Liveaboard Cruise.  Visiting 19 of the Best Dive Sites in Thailand you are sure to experience an unforgettable Diving Holiday, whilst meeting great people and amazing marine life!