Thanks for coming back to read part two of this trip – there was so much going on that I didn’t want to miss a thing so you get two for the price of one on blogs this week!






Following on from Mr Pavarotti and me singing Sole Mio and of course the other famous guy onboard, Gerard Depardieu, I have to give a shout out to Ed who is our chef on MV Oktavia. While out on our Similans liveaboard, she wanted to try out some new dishes and she checked with us all that this was okay. In theory this was great but oh my we all put on some extra weight despite diving four times per day! The food of course was delicious but now we’re all a little pom pui…


On the north side of The Ridge at Koh Bon we spotted the trevally hunting, a porcelain crab, a huge scorpion fish and what would turn into quite a theme – an octopus. Unusually on nearly every dive we bumped into our eight legged friends and I honestly don’t think I’ve seen as many octopi while on a Similans liveaboard in the past two years!




At Koh Tachai the first dive we did was at The Pinnacle and it was here where we encountered our first challenging current of the trip. Here we could see schools of barracuda and trevally on the south side. Through the swim through here there was also a juvenile sweet lip who was behaving a bit like an excited child, despite how far away we were. Obviously a fish that lives up to its name!




The second dive at Koh Tachai was a mixed bag… The current had increased to a medium strong type but our divers handled it well. The amazing part of this dive was the trevally. There were around 20 of them surrounding around us like a siege and on average I would say they weighed around 100 kilos each. Also making an appearance was a small gathering of brown marbled groupers and a sea snake to add a little black and white color to the scenery.




On to the last day of our Similans liveaboard trip and we started off the day early at Richelieu Rock at 7am! Being the only boat here was fantastic and the marine life was in thriving. We saw straightstick pipefish, cleaner pipefish, more schools of barracuda and trevally, a huge brown marbled grouper, brunns cleaner shrimp, banded cleaner shrimp, a fimbriated moray accompanied by a straight faced swimming crab (our version of Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King) and lastly a cuttlefish couple with the male acting all big and scary while his partner laid her eggs.




It was indeed a great Similans liveaboard diving trip and I must say a big congratulations to Florian who completed his Advanced Open Water course during the trip. Florian was an excellent student and I wish him luck in his future dives.




This is me Branko signing off into a glorious blue underwater world…


Written by Jamie Walsh.