Underwater iPhone Scuba Suit


I’m a bit of a gadget geek and like all things that make life easier and the invention of the ‘Smart’ phone has been a god send to me. Why? Because I can do everything on the go, answer emails, check my team’s result, update the social networks, take pictures and of course answer calls from the MV Oktavia when she’s in the Similan Islands…

Now, why my phone is actually a Samsung Galaxy S3 I do appreciate the iPhone and all their amazing apps despite them purposely changing the accessory slot size on their new iPhone 5 so that users have to go and buy new accessories. Their latest add-on is not an app though; it’s a new cover (for iPhone 4 & 4S) that will allow you to take your phone underwater. Okay, so you’re not making phone calls underwater but like me, many of you probably use your phone as your impromptu camera.


Although, don’t be thinking that you can use it while diving in the Similan Islands as even with the ‘Scuba Suit’ you can only take it to a maximum of 15ft. However, this may be a great little tool when on an excursion to the beautiful Koh Tachai. Instead of lugging around that big camera why don’t you strap up your iPhone and use this. Picture quality on Smart phones is as good as a camera and it will be great for snorkeling and hopefully catching some of the baby reef sharks in the bay.

The manufacturers say this is the best waterproof cover yet as it has a gel screen cover rather than like other hard screen covers making it easier to use the touch screen functions of an iPhone. As well as taking it out to the Similan Islands when you’re diving you can even use the cover when you take other trips in Thailand like white water rafting or kayaking.


If they bring one out for Samsung I think I will test it on a friend’s phone before actually gambling with mine…

Written by Jamie Walsh